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Our primary use case is reaching developers effectively.

We provide advocacy for your product and users.

DevRel is advocacy; it just manifests in different ways.

Whether you're herding people to upgrade even though its painful and writing scripts to help them, or helping people discover how your product lets them do their thing in one step where once it was ten, it's all about advocating for something. And sometimes we advocate for fixing that long-standing bug that everyone finds so annoying before you roll out a new feature, for instance.

We're an advocate of your company to your users, but also an advocate for your users to your company. We're extremely experienced in working in culturally diverse communities in many different areas of the software industry as a whole. How this manifests depends entirely on where you are in your journey, but we do everything you'd expect from a company like us, and possibly more! Have a look at our products to get an indication of our day-in-day-out, but we also have exciting production capabilities and interesting approaches to contests and events.

We encourage you to book a short proof of concept call using the link in the footer to just discuss the idea of how something might work between us. If we're not both super excited by the end of the call, it's just not time yet; no pesky sales follow up or obligation.

We help other marketing companies and teams with special projects.

If your message is aimed at software developers, we can very likely help you increase its effectiveness. We can help design campaigns to reach the right kinds of developers for your products and services and help guide you to where your marketing expendetures can be spent most effectively. Fun fact: most developers hate marketing in most forms, because it's usually full of hyperbole and fluff. We can help you figure out how your product should be shown so that what's naturally great about it just shines through. We're also good at helping you know where to test it.

Even if you don't make software or hardware tooling, if a primary use-case for your product applies to a certain segment of software developers (we recently explored natural hemp products, for instance), we can help.

We help product teams with complicated funnels.

Does your product require a significant number of 'touches' whenever a user goes through a certain funnel? You're not alone, it's almost always easier to let humans make up for what the software can't yet do without friction while everything is in active development.

Sometimes just having someone get on a 15 minute check-in call to empathize with whatever is preventing someone from doing what they set out to do can mean the difference between a conversion and some valuable feedback, or an abandoned trial occupying space in the database. Our Freemium Concierge service solves multiple problems in your pipeline very efficiently:

  • It's automated, so we just book an interaction with your user after a trigger causes our back end to schedule it.

  • If we determine that the lead just isn't qualified or likely, our system can send a signal back to you in a way that you define (webhook, API call, you provide a function that we run)

  • If we can be helpful or add value, we'll tag the action so that conversion is effectively tracked.

  • Depending on the arrangement (flat or contingency), we invoice you for a commission if they end up signing up, or consume one of however many interactions per month were defined in your plan.

We help HR departments and tech recruiters.

If you're having a difficult time sourcing a developer role (including developer relations or developer marketer), we'll help you work on how the role is being described and perceived, and what we can do to increase your chances. We can also quite shamelessly help you by performing functions of the role until you're able to fill it.

Not everyone is a good fit for this service as conflicts would clearly be blockers, so please reach out to us - the link in the footer makes it easy to grab some time.

We help organizations that exist to serve the public interest.

In order to make our software as equally amazing for everyone, we need as many people with their unique challenges and goals from as many backgrounds as possible. Working with you and understanding how our own product can be even better is sometimes enough for a deal to make sense for us.

A few key things need to be in place:

  • There's no conflict of interest with anything else we have going on,
  • You otherwise are a good fit for our private beta,
  • We have enough time to commit to helping out while being our best. We don't have a different level of service for partners that we don't invoice, but we need to have room for them.
  • We see a clear, testable way that we can add value to what you're doing.

Those looking for partnerships should reach out to join the private beta, we'll figure out everything else during the initial call.

There's still room in our private beta!

Ready to sign up? We're still working our magic on the back-end, but you can let us know you're interested in joining our private beta through the link below! Alternatively, we're happy to talk about what a trial or proof of concept together might look like, with no obligation or pesky sales follow-up.

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