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Figure out where your message needs to be heard, and who you can partner with.

Focus your growth efforts on the communities most likely to respond positively to you!

The best way to recruit real evangelists for your product is by getting on their radar by doing something that they thought was remarkable in some way. You show that you really care about their time by also showing that you've done some research and diligence on your part.

We're spectacular developer evangelists, if we do say so ourselves, but nothing tops a sincere shout-out from someone that isn't paid to manage your brand and has the ear of many people with similar interests.

Figuring out where those places are, how many folks could be reached, and how to approach them is something that we're experts at doing. We're also great at fiding communities that add value to what you're doing, for instance open source projects that might be keen to try a pilot together.

Understanding sentiment helps you engage confidently.

We can't take away fear of the unknown but we can confidently keep you informed of how your product is spreading through the landscape and how people are reacting to it as you make changes and do new things. This means you already have answers to hard questions people are likely to ask you when you do outreach, so you don't fear those types of events as 'high touch' and neglect them, as unfortunately many companies do.

There's still room in our private beta!

Ready to sign up? We're still working our magic on the back-end, but you can let us know you're interested in joining our private beta through the link below! Alternatively, we're happy to talk about what a trial or proof of concept together might look like, with no obligation or pesky sales follow-up.

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