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Iterate on products faster by testing your products constantly both in-person and remotely!

In-person usability testing

We recruit as diverse a sampling of developers as possible at our offices in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and put them in front of your product in an environment where they can use it comfortably. Depending on the requirements, we can record both the screen, the surroundings, and anything else that's relevant.

We then package the results into a report, file any appropriate bug reports with your bug tracker or optionally meet with your product team, and organize any follow-up.

We recommend multiple sessions to surface as many issues as possible before any major release; we do our best to ensure that at least several participants will have accessibility concerns listed as one of the main criteria that determines if they consider a software product to be quality or not.

Remote usability testing

Much like in-person, but facilitated over Zoom instead of in-person. We can still in some cases provide all recordings and environmental conditions, depending on requirements. We automatically test your product with problematic and intermittent (2g / 3g) connections as well as nanny state firewalls; but remote testing usually uncovers more subtle bugs that take a few sessions or use cases to suerface.

Penetration testing (web / desktop)

Powered by a team of testers and incident responders at our parent company SocLogix, we'll put the web and desktop versions of your application through penetration testing (where we attempt to gain access we're not supposed to have, or cause the software to do things it's not supposed to do), and also put it through chaos scenarios like a sudden degredation of bandwidth or loss of configuration, etc.

How we do this depends on the product and goals, and ties in directly with user and usability testing.

There's still room in our private beta!

Ready to sign up? We're still working our magic on the back-end, but you can let us know you're interested in joining our private beta through the link below! Alternatively, we're happy to talk about what a trial or proof of concept together might look like, with no obligation or pesky sales follow-up.

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