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We can significantly increase freemium conversions through targeted guiding.

We optimize difficult, high-touch funnels intelligently.

Our Freemium Concierge service allows you to bundle a DevRel follow-up with some, or all users that sign up for your beta or free tier. You send a request to our API with the context and captured information, we then take over the lead for a short time. The process is unique for every integration, but the basics are as follows:

  1. Qualify (or disqualify) the lead. If for some reason the lead shouldn't be pursued, we'll send a response back to a webhook that you provide so that you can use our information for whatever automation makes sense on your end.

  2. Based on what we can tell about the lead's current process through your funnel, we'll reach out to see if we can be helpful, and try to guide to successful deployment. We will optionally collect and pass along product feedback.

  3. Depending on how the program is structured, we'll invoice you for a commission when the lead converts, or just record the outcome to be invoiced in an agreed way at the end of the month.

We offer completely white label service as an option, as well as co-marketing programs where we're up-front to users about our partnership. We never actively recruit leads through participation beyond advertising the human touch being powered by our concierge service.

All of this happens via API integration.

We can provide you access to the service programmatically as well as access to the service pragmatically for non-devlopers to take advantage of it.

An example of this would be offering two ways to automatically include us in the flow of a user signing themselves up for a demo on your site. Your developers can fetch the data they need to automatically set up the calendar invites, or non-devs can easily craft a link to include in the Zapier or Calendly flow.

Right now is a great time to experiment with Concierge.

We're still figuring out all the endpoints that are going to be needed, how feedback notifications are going to work, and other founding logistics. If you see yourself actively using a service like this and have strong feelings about how it should work, please get in touch with us!

Book a call or join our private beta to get started!

There's still room in our private beta!

Ready to sign up? We're still working our magic on the back-end, but you can let us know you're interested in joining our private beta through the link below! Alternatively, we're happy to talk about what a trial or proof of concept together might look like, with no obligation or pesky sales follow-up.

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