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We make access to the experience that you need right now afffordable.

DevRel & Developer Marketing On-Demand Pricing

A major goal of our product line is making them accessible to businesses that have a great chance of making a positive difference for software developers, regardless of funding status, while also remaining competitive in the enterprise sectors. Our business intelligence model depends on a very diverse client base, so the value of the experience of working together in our design phase is extremely valuable to us. This is reflected in the pricing.

We have clients that spend as little as $200 / monthly while working to get their messaging or engagement strategies ironed out. We're structured to be part of your initial incubation without draining precious startup funds yet still bringing value. If you take away one thing - don't let pricing deter you from reaching out to us.

Currently, our services are offered on a monthly basis, where we arrange content and event deliverables in a shared calendar. We do require a setup fee to get started, which is a percentage of your projected first invoice. We use this to mobilize people to get working on your account right away which also involves additional licenses and seats on our side, as well as other (actual) costs.

Rough, per-service pricing is offered below as a guide; please contact us for specifics!

Please use the table below to help estimate your monthly cost, but make sure to book a quick proof of concept call or reach out to us at as we might be able to provide better pricing for longer-term partnership agreements.

ItemCost (Item)Number Typically Done In A CycleMonthly CostNotes
Tutorial / Technical Blog Post$7502$1500These are blog posts advertising your product by showing what you can do with it. They include code samples, a tutorial flow, and sometimes a Git repository with materials for others to interact as the demo prescribes. Whatever is appropriate for the topic at hand.
Thought Leadership Blog Post$5002$1000These are blog posts that talk about why your product is the solution to the problems it solves, or other writing that explains why you created your product.
Feature Screencast Video$5002$1000These are livestream style recordings of a seasoned devrel using your software to do something useful or entertaining and usually circulated on social media.
User interview (in person)$3501$350We get developers with the experience you're looking for in front of us and put your product in front of them. Everything is recorded (screen, them, us) and a report is generated from the interview.
User interview (remote)$3002$600Like an in-person interview, but we do it via Zoom / Skype / Google Meets / Etc.
Consultation (Technical Level / weekly kickoff meetings)$1504$600We talk about what we're writing, initiatives we're moving forward and everything else on the calendar. A great sync-up / brainstorming session.
Consultation (Senior Level / strategy)$2751$275Not always needed monthly, but this is for talking about big-picture stuff that needs tracking, but isn't necessarily part of our day-to-day.
Common additional costs that usually aren't subscription-driven are listed below.

Most of them are easily included as part of a monthly package; others require specific quotes. Reach out to us if you don't see something you need, or have any questions!

ItemAverage Cost
60 Second Commercial (4k) - Includes creative storyboards we write, casting, professional editing & production, release.$7500
30 Second Commerical (4k) - Same as above, but 30 seconds.$5000
1 Hour LiveStream W / Green Screen & Demo Work$1500
Swag Fulfillment (For non-US partners)$20 + Shipping Cost / batch (up to 4 batches a month) + $250 Monthly / 2 sqm secure storage

How Is The Initial Retainer & Setup Calculated?

The initial setup fee is based on a number of factors about your company. The exact calculation is proprietary and is what enables us to launch with services truly on-demand (automatically quoted). The length of time you've been in business, social feeds & activity, mentions, press releases and other things are all considered. We also look at how many public-facing people are on your team, how much community work you've already done, and lots of other things.

Can I Set Spending Limits?

Yes! If you would like for us to automatically produce, say, three blog posts and two feature videos a month for you, we'll work within whatever budget you set if possible, and always seek additional approval if there's a complication that would cause us to run over.

Eventually, you will be able to get going by just putting in a credit card, so we're making sure you always stay in control of what and how you spend.

There's still room in our private beta!

Ready to sign up? We're still working our magic on the back-end, but you can let us know you're interested in joining our private beta through the link below! Alternatively, we're happy to talk about what a trial or proof of concept together might look like, with no obligation or pesky sales follow-up.

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