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Digital Millenium Copyright Act Correspondence

Echoreply Media & Syndication, LLC is a producer and distributor of digital content that it creates. We do not, unless clearly permitted through creative commons or open source licensing, combine works from others that we do not have an explicit right to use in our productions.

If you believe that we've infringed upon your copyright, you can send the necessary paperwork to and we'll respond within 72 hours in most cases. Please note that we do not have the ability to take down content that we do not host.

At the minimum your request must include:

  • URL of the content that you're clamining to be infringing
  • URL of the content that you claim we've infringed
  • Whether or not the entity that you represent licenses the content to others, and if so, the name that you do business under for licensing (so that we can expedite lookup)
  • An affadavid asserting that everything in your complaint is true, to the best of your knowledge
  • A working e-mail address or fax number where we can reach you. We do not make outbound telephone calls for DMCA requests.
Please be certain that you have everything in the above checlist.

If your request is incomplete, it will be discarded silently and we will not respond.

Most DMCA cases are resolved quickly once it's clear that the material in question was licensed appropriately. Please remember that we're a marketing company, and often license things for our clients. Your extra effort here makes us happy that we renew our subscription with your service!