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Why (I Think) DevRel Lives In The Creator Space

· 3 min read
Tim Post

I don't think it's much of a stretch for those currently working in some capacity providing or in orbit around DevRel right now to see how I'm suggesting this connection. Our product, the thing they pay us for, is the production - we certainly guide the products as part of that, but at the end of the day, we're all actors.

Advocates utilize empathy in the opposition of their gols in order to understand how to make other voices heard. That, my friends, is getting in character, and then we somehow magically transform into another face entirely, training that keen sense of empathy outwardly, in order to help negotiate what you know to be the best possible compromise. That, dear friends, is also called getting into character, and it's a wonder we don't have more disgruntled theater majors in our ranks (I seriously only know of one, and don't keep tabs on their disgruntledness).

In order to be in a position to discover our career as actors, we probably started as community managers social workers, then went on to customer success or sales engineering, or marketing, and finally jumped into DevRel. And before any of that, we were software developers or something. But that's actually not really even subjectively true any longer, and that's what makes me excited. People are seeing that you don't need to really have 15 projects under your belt in order to understand programming enough to strongly empathize with pain and friction, and even be able to identify it.

This means that DevRel isn't just an essential role in a product-led industry, it's another conduit into the industry altogether. And I think companies that are struggling to hire for this role could very easily set their sights on people already set up to create amazing content and experiences who could very eaisly understand and creatively narrate your product.

I hope to strongly encourage this push and to be as welcoming to newcomers who feel like they might not have enough developer 'street cred' to be part of this amazing role that helps shape how tech gets built (and more importantly, influence what doesn't get built). Please know that for everyone who feels like their coding skills are lacking, there's 10 developers who would rather rewrite VB.NET than go anywhere near a camera.

And if you need a friend in the industry, I'm @tinkertim all over the place.

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