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Why We Started Echoreply - About Us

If you want the `tl;dr` version: we started Echoreply because we became frustrated with the quality of services available to developer startups. Developers need to run developer marketing, not be misguided by inexperienced agencies, and we need to remember that not everyone has access to deep pockets.

Products aimed at developers require better marketing approaches.

Traditional marketing companies don't put Developer Relations as a necessary initial ingredient because many of their clients have yet to fill or even create the position. That spells disaster, because it means a lot of initial marketing gets created without the necessary developer input and experience it needs for success.

Traditional marketing companies also try to bring the same blueprints to developer tools that they do to breakfast cereals and this just frustrates modern tech marketing and sales teams. Developer marketing people are tired of learning how to also be a professional ... something else entirely, like video editor or writer ... just to get their jobs done.

Our founders grew frustrated working with vendors that didn't have a shared framework of what makes something really cool, because the resulting material converted even worse than what they were already producing in-house. It was also considerably more expensive, and out of reach to a lot of startups that needed to exist with a strong presence outside of the usual "text content with the occasional webinar" model of marketing.

We feel like DevRel & Marketing should be seen as a pair of electrons, and their integration and interactions treated as such. In most team dynamics, they couldn't be further apart - we want to fix that.

Better marketing means better understanding the messaging you bring.

Another factor that prodded us to launch was the fact that it has been raining six figure DevRel jobs in Web3 all over LinkedIn for the last two years that even fully-funded companies are having a very difficult time filling. When we examined the job descriptions and actual goals for the position, we realized that the majority of these companies weren't ready to hire a full-time DevRel - what they needed was help with their messaging and bolstering of their marketing teams.

Certain repeatable services started to stand out as valuable:

  • Help writing job descriptions so that they were clearer or more accessible (the use case being wanting to hire a devrel to help recruit developers)
  • Help writing their actual value statements in clear and concise ways
  • Help managing documentation portals and creation of tutorial content
  • Help understanding how they were being perceived, and where they were most relevant
  • Help figuring out why funnels weren't doing what they were designed to do

Now, not everyone has messaging problems that relatively straight-forward work can fix. Some roles are just extremely difficult to fill. We decided that the other 87% could probably use our help, because all of them had to be careful about how they spend their seed money, or in some cases, PayPal credit.

Traditional marketing companies kill more dreams through ineptness than they enable through dumb luck. That's not something any of us should be celebrating. Traditional marketing firms are also quite often very blind to harm that they create, sometimes willfully blind. They don't understand how horrible it feels to have messaging from major brands at odds with your ability to be a productive person. Marketing companies need to say NO! to messaging that encourages personal safety or limits to be exceeded - like suggestions that poor work/life balance, or divisive elitism is acceptable under any circumstances.

The responsibility of owning what you create and how it ages over the years tied directly into plans Tim had for building reach and relevance KPIs and OKRs, and we began to see that we could work well profitably if we planned social responsibility as an initial core value and feature.

Better understanding your messaging means better monitoring of your footprints.

Building a security company from the ground up is just one of Matt Johnson's many modes. Tim & Matt knew eachother through grade school where they'd stay up late at night in Matt's South Baltimore bedroom with nothing more than an AMSTRAD with its awesome built-in BASIC and 8088 processor to keep them company.

Tim & Matt always talked about doing something together, but asking if things should exist after realizing that they can is something both of them hold dear, and nothing really surfaced over the years that would really create value beyond two friends doing business things together.

After Tim had his epiphany, he also started thinking of Matt's customers and how they also had some things in common, prior to finding SocLogix, Echoreply's now-parent company:

  • They'd paid through the nose for stuff that didn't work, and offered no accounability for failing
  • They'd paid way too much to get through a SOC audit, often failing once
  • Comprehensive security was not an option for them due to cost, or vendor lock-in issues. It wasn't that they didn't need or deserve it.
  • They'd been through enough FUD to understand that results matter more than marketing, so SocLogix relies on their results AS their marketing. Spiritually, we're very similar.
  • They also market to developers almost entirely in infosec

The shape of something was clearly starting to emerge.

We bring it all together.

Joining together, Matt & Tim created Echoreply that brings Tim's innovative approach to DevRel, Community Management and Developer Marketing to Matt's established infrastructure. Because we're already SOC audited and privately held, we're in a clear position to make an impact on what developers expect from marketing and outreach from companies of all sizes.

Our business intelligence and analytics platform, powered by the increasing diversity of our design partner base, is an amazing benefit of our human collaboration, and we do create very valuable software of our own to enable our very unique way of operating, but we remain at heart a human-product company, which is why our approach is going to become legendary.

There's still room in our private beta!

Ready to sign up? We're still working our magic on the back-end, but you can let us know you're interested in joining our private beta through the link below! Alternatively, we're happy to talk about what a trial or proof of concept together might look like, with no obligation or pesky sales follow-up.

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